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Birthdate:Sep 4
Location:United States of America
Apologetic/Aspiring. Bebe Chai. Conscious. Devoted. Empathetic. Friend. Generous. Herbivore. Imaginative. Jaded. Kinetic. Loving. Moonstruck/Mediative. Nihilistic. Observant. Primate/Perceptive. Quizzical. Red Hair. Self-Conscious/Sponge. Tenacious. Understanding. Vocal. Warm. X Chromosome. Yearning. Zealous.

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a clockwork orange, abandoned places, africa, aiboforcen, android lust, angela carter, anime, anne sexton, anthropology, aromatherapy, art, art films, arthur rackman, asian cuisine, asian horror, austra, baboons, battlestar galatica, biodiversity, biological anthropology, bjork, blixa, bones, bookstores, brian froud, butterflies, carl jung, castle, charlie and the chocolate factory, chimps, china, cloves, coffee, collections, creative impulses, current 93, cyberpunk, cycling, dali, dancing with m, darren aronofsky, darwin, david lynch, david mack, david tibet, degas, depeche mode, despair, dexter, die form, digalchemy, dottirs, dreams, dyed hair, dystopia, eating locally, elephants, environmentalism, epiphanies, erotica, evolutionary biology, existentialism, faerie tales, faeries, fake fur, feline friends, film noir, firefly, florence + the machine, foucault, fraggle rock, geisha, german boys, german expressionism, german language, germany, glitter, goodbye, gore, gorillas, green tea, haruki murakami, hello kitty, honesty, hookas, human evolution, impressionism, industrial music, intellectual discourses, j-horror, jane goodall, japan, japanese culture, joel-peter witkin, joseph campbell, joy division, kabuki, karma, kurt vonnegut, la double vie de veronique, latex, lenin, louise brooks, mark ryden,, misanthropy, multi-regional hypothesis, music, my hoodie, mythology, natsuo kirino, natural city, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neurosis, new order, nick cave, nihilism, nine inch nails, nivek ogre, obsessive consumption of words, olives, orangutans, painting, phillip k. dick, photography, pi, poetry, poppy z. brite, post-apocalyptic movies, pre-raphaelite, primates, psychic tv, red, redemption, roald dahl, rubber, run, run lola, samurai champloo, science fiction, sister wendy, skinny puppy, sleeping, south africa, speciation, splatterpunk, stainless steel, steampunk, stickers, switchblade symphony, sylvia plath, synth pop, tattoos, the fifth element, the princess and the warrior, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom tykwer, tori amos, traveling the world, trevor brown, twin peaks, urban decay, wandering, warm blankets, white and blue trilogy, william gibson, wumpscut, wwii history

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